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The Cornell Group has been advising clients since 1986 in all 50 states and internationally as to Financial/ Estate Planning and Asset Protection solutions. Our team of professionals prides itself on "thinking outside the box" to find the proper solutions for your issues and concerns in the fields of Asset Protection; Estate Planning and Wealth Management.
Don't put off these important issues another moment. There have been too many times we care to mention when we have been contacted after AFTER a lawsuit has been filed or a death has occurred or a portfolio is in shambles.
Contact us now BEFORE your options and choices are limited due to circumstatnces beyond your control. Now is the time to speak with us so we may advise and assist you in life's ever changing situations that effect your financial, legal and estate planning needs.

There isn't and never will be one "Silver Bullet" solution to PROTECT one's assets; MINIMIZE Income and Estate Taxes; and structure a proper INHERITANCE; (The PMI Program).
Don't be fooled by unscrupulous Seminar Promotors and/or "licensed" professionals" that will charge you a one time minimal fee for a one size fits all solution. In fact, here at The Cornell Group, we suggest you run from these individuals as fast as you can before they convince you to buy their bag of tricks. Remember, as the great showman P.T. Barnum once said: "A sucker is born every minute". Don't you be one of them.

Contact us anytime, 24/7, so you will start on the right track as to retaining the best of the breed for your individual, family and/or business needs in Asset Protection, Personal Financial and Estate Planning.
The Cornell Group: The Right Way...The Only Way!

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Speaking Engagements
As an Educator and Teacher for over twenty six years, Mr. Cornell Cornell is asked frequently to appear at events sponsered by organizations and groups for their members in the fields of real estate, investor rights, CLE seminars.
If your organization/group would like to extend an invitation to have George speak at an upcoming function, please use the contact request on this page. Please provide as much information as possible in your inquiry.
All reasonable inquiries shall be replied to promptly.
We Offer Trust and LLC Packages
In these tough economic times we understand the many don't have the liquidity necessary to spend money for our services. We offer reasonable package rates for all our services ( not including financial planing which is not an upfront fee).
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Using either of the above options, George V. Cornel, Esq., RIA will speak to you directly. All information submitted and discussed is completely confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege. This is true regardless if you retain our services or not. Your contact information is neither stored or given to a third party under any circumstances.

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